Cerner Innovations

  • Workspace encourages collaboration and promotes innovation with areas designed for serendipitous exchanges and the cross-pollination of teams, including the Dining Commons, collaboration zones, and game rooms.
  • Associates find environments that fit their work style. Floorplates are interconnected by collaborative nodes. Privacy rooms and [nooks] provide quiet, focused, task-oriented space.
  • Teams are all located near privacy rooms, meeting spaces, and classrooms to accommodate flexible team size and diverse projects. Teams can move and grow as industry changes. Furniture throughout the project is mobile to allow quick adaptation and personalization.
  • Cerner fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth — a “silicon prairie” — in order to stay in front of the curve and maintain a competitive business and recruitment advantage over global tech giants. Training doesn’t end after onboarding, which is ensured by designated education spaces in The Assembly and classrooms. Cerner's culture leadership team, Dev Culture, and annual internal conference, Dev Con, embody this approach.

Cerner Corporation sits at the intersection of health care and information technology — two ever-evolving industries that require continuous education and advancement. The Innovations design supports robust onboard training, sustains lifelong learning, and leverages recruitment and retention strategies. This vision was created with direct input from Cerner associates through focus groups, surveys, and feedback from associate teams.

Innovation is all about looking forward, and realization is the process of getting there.

— Mike Nill, Cerner Chief Operating Officer

The modern workplace has changed; and that change has created a need for a diversity of spaces. This facility emphasizes the need for associates to constantly train, collaborate, and innovate:

  • The Library allows for quiet, heads-down space for associates to focus on problems and find solutions. With comfortable seating, reading nooks, and educational resources.
  • Makerspace allows for rapid prototyping and experimentation. The space is designed as a lab for training and workshops.
  • Game room a place to take a break and unpack, build team unity, and have fun playing old school arcade games.
  • The Link is a large conference and dining space for Cerner’s yearly Dev Con and weekly training workshops. These workshops are for associates and clients. The dining space, in the middle of the campus, provides the perfect place to collaborate and interact.
  • Training Rooms are designated for continuous learning
  • The interior environments throughout encourage serendipitous “collisions,” supporting Cerner’s ubiquitous culture of continuous collaboration and idea advancement

Innovations integrates the classroom and the workplace. At the heart of the design is “The Assembly,” a large auditorium where workshops and seminars are organized by associates about coding, digital security, and the latest development tools. Each office floor has more seats in collaboration space than open office, enabling associates to find an environment that fits their ever-changing needs.

Cerner Innovations, Kansas City
Architect - Gould Evans
Cerner Innovations, Kansas City
Architect - Gould Evans

The Innovations building will be a daily reminder of our purpose and passion. Each element of this campus will reflect our culture and focus.

— Mike Nill, COO

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